Terms & Conditions

iSaveFile.com services and SAVING PLANS

- You can store your files on our servers as long as you want
- There are 2 Saving Plans: - Lite - - PRO -
- The size per file to upload is - 50MB (Lite account) - and - 115MB (PRO account) -
- The size of storage is up to - 500MB (Lite account) - and - 1GB (PRO account) -
- Sending free emails (with downloading link for your files) to you
- You can delete your file at any time that\'s convenient for you
- Unlimited files downloading
- Easy file downloading at any time that\'s convenient for you and your friends

UPLOAD RULES (Terms and Conditions of use)

Files with illegal content will NOT be allowed for upload. Example of such illegal content files are: violence, pornography, child-pornography, cruelty, national and religious dissension, racist material and/or unauthorized copies of copyrighted material.
We will not tolerate any abuse of our servers for copyright violations and reserve the right to delete any accounts or files that have been uploaded and/or distributed in violation of USA or international copyrights. Copyright protected content may especially not be distributed to third parties (for example by publishing links to copyright protected files on other websites).



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